Electronics Goes Green 2020+ in Berlin
1st September 2020 | Berlin, Germany


The 6th Electronics Goes Green 2020+ conference connected scientists, product developers and business managers along the value chain of electronic technologies and products together with ICT industrie. From the beginning, the EGG conference is organised by Fraunhofer IZM. The improvement of today's and future green electronics forms the focal point at the conference while exploring environmental potentials on the technology level.
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Going Green EcoDesign 2019:

11th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing

25th – 27th November 2019 | Pacifico Convention Hall, Yokohama, Japan


The EcoDesign 2019 symposium combines advancing the state of the art in Eco-Design with exchanging ideas of professionals from industry, research laboratories, consulting, government, and academia.
"Is EcoDesign enough for sustainability?" - will be discussed at this year's conference involving the issues of product life cycle design and business innovation, sustainable manufacturing and end-of-life management, sustainability assessment for EcoDesign and
social perspectives in EcoDesign. Currently the call for papers is online!
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Mobile World Congress Los Angeles

28th - 30th October 2019 | Los Angeles, USA


MWC Los Angeles finished another successful week of connections and collaboration. The three-day, tech-focused, B2B event featured cutting-edge exhibition, an extensive agenda of conference sessions, informative summits & seminars, partner programs and networking events. Grant4Com attended MWC Los Angeles to exploit the knowledge gained with the project activities in sustainablySMART, including testing capabilities for smart mobile devices.

Ecodesign meets resource efficiency at:

8. Ressourceneffizienz- und Kreislaufwirtschaftskongress
Baden Württemberg (KONGRESS BW)
23rd – 24th October 2019 | Stuttgart, Germany


At the Ressourceneffizienz KONGRESS BW in Stuttgart, Germany, October 23-24, 2019, an ecodesign workshop featured the D4R tablet as one of the learning examples. Other project results served as inspiring input for the fully booked hands-on workshop.

Product Durability in the focus at:

3rd PLATE 2019 Conference in Berlin
18th – 20th September 2019 | Starting 12:30 | Dahlem Cube Seminaris Hotel, Berlin, Germany


The 3rd Conference on Product Lifetimes and the Environment focuses product lifetimes in the context of sustainability. The conference brought a new community together: PLATE 2019 is organized by Fraunhofer IZM in cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin.
The conference incorporated the current topics of product lifetimes and product design, sharing economy and collaborative consumption, Circular Economy and circularity in business including Obsolescence 4.0 – Digitalisation and product lifetimes.
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Project partner MicroPro presented the D4R tablet. Prototypes underwent user testing by conference participants at a table top exhibition and at the poster session!


Project Partner iFixit presented our perspective on the reparability of mobile electronic devices. The method consists of a heuristic assessment and a disassembly protocol tracking the disassembly process. Findings have been presented in session D.2: Assessing the Impact of Repair and Repairability, Sept 18 (Wednesday), 4:30 pm.

Technology goes green at:

22nd European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (EMPC) & Exhibition

17th – 19th September 2019 | Pisa, Italy


The EMPC is the established international forum for engineers working in the field of microelectronics packaging and interconnection technologies. sustainablySMART presented 3 papers: "Embedding as a key Board-Level Technology for Modularization and Circular Design of Smart Mobile Products: Environmental Assessment" and "Recovery of valuable BGA components from used electronic mobile devices and their application in new electronics products" in the Green Electronics session on Wednesday afternoon, followed by "Embedding Technologies for the Manufacturing of Advanced Miniaturised Modules toward the Realisation of Compact and Environmentally Friendly Electronics Devices" on Thursday morning in the Embedded Electronics and Smart Textiles session.

Life cycle assessment community meets at:

LCM - 9th International Conference on Life Cycle Management
1st - 4th September 2019 |Poznan, Poland


The bi-annual Life Cycle Management was hosted by Poznan University of Technology this year. sustainablySMART co-organised the session track T1-2: LCM for Electric and Electronic Products. This session, chaired by Rainer Pamminger of TU Vienna and Marina Proske of Fraunhofer IZM / TU Berlin, featured latest LCA methodologic insights researched in the project, complemented by other accepted papers on household appliances, e-mobility and fuel cells. This session ran on September 2, Tuesday afternoon.


More than 700 delegates are registered to the conference. See the full programme here:

sustainablySMART at: 

MRS Spring Meeting Symposium "Materials Selection and Design - A Tool to Enable Sustainable Materials Development and a Reduced Materials Footprint"

22nd - 26th April, 2019 | Phoenix, AZ, United States


The Materials Research Society meets twice a year. The 2019 Spring Meeting included a symposium track on sustainable materials, materials selection and design, including an invited talk on selected findings from the sustainablySMART project.


Read the sustainablySMART MRS Meeting blog.


sustainablySMART at:

Sustainable Innovation 2019 - Road to 2030: Sustainability, Innovations, Business Models and Design
4th - 5th March 2019 | Epsom, UK


Hosted by the The Centre for Sustainable Design at the University for the Creative Arts, SI19 brought together an excellent range of speakers, giving a 2030 outlook on sustainability. Big data, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things are among the trends we need to shape in a sustainable way. How mobile technology might look like in the future is discussed in the paper "The Life Cycle of Smart Devices in 2030: The Effect of Technology Trends and Circular Economy Drivers on Future Products".

sustainablySMART at:

Going Green CARE INNOVATION 2018 in Austria
26th – 29th November 2018 | Schoenbrunn Palace Conference Centre, Vienna, Austria


The Going Green – CARE INNOVATION conference and exhibition on Electronics and the Environment is presenting the up-to-date progress on sustainable development and the development of eco-efficient electr(on)ic & automotive products. The international Symposium will focus on the three economic regions: Europe, America and Asia.

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Don't miss sustainablySMART’s day at this year’s CARE INNOVATION:

Thursday, 29th November 2018, starting the first session in Room 4 at 8:00 am with several inspiring presentations on the subject of “Circular Design of Mobile Devices”
Followed by the second session beginning in Room 4 at 11:00 am with focus on “Smartphones: Repair, Remanufacturing and Reuse of Components”.
The conference day ends with a final "Repairability Assessment Workshop" presented by project partner iFixit at 14:00 pm. The places are limited and special registration is necessary at

Friday, 30th November 2018, a technical tour on “(Semi-) automatic Disassembly of Mobile Devices” will be showcased by project partner ProAutomation starting at 09:00 am. The places are limited and special registration is necessary via the registration button above.

sustainablySMART at:

The Ecodesign Directive in a changing policy climate: 
challenges & opportunities
24th – 25th January 2018 | 10:30 - 18:30 | Thon Hotel EU, Brussels, Belgium


"What is the role of the Ecodesign Directive in reaching climate and resource efficiency objectives in Europe?" – is the leading issue at the upcoming Ecodesign Directive workshop in Brussels, Belgium. Presentations about innovative developments in research and market monitoring are held during the workshop and will open the discussion on how the European Union could continue to develop standards under the Ecodesign Directive.
Don't miss the presentation about product design features of mobile devices for extended product life – modularity as an approach for better reparability, upgradeability and customization on 25th January at
11:00 am!

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Going Green EcoDesign 2017:

10th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing
29th November – 1st December 2017 | Tayih Landis Hotel, Tainan, Taiwan

The 10th EcoDesign 2017 symposium focuses on new technologies and eco-innovation towards sustainable design of products, services, manufacturing systems, supply chain, consumption, economics and society.

Can new technologies deliver a sustainable future for Planet Earth? For the sustainablySMART project relevant topics and the latest issues on EcoDesign dealing with new technologies will be discussed in an international audience.

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Longevity is presented at:

2nd PLATE 2017 Conference in the Netherlands
8th – 10th November 2017 | 08:00 - 21:30
Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of TU Delft, The Netherlands


The 2nd Conference on Product Lifetimes and the Environment is the meeting place for researchers, designers, practitioners, and educators from a broad range of traditions and communities from all around the world. Enjoy the speech about how modularity of electronic functions can lead to longer product lifetimes. Debate the implications of product longevity for environmental, economic and social sustainability!

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sustainablySMART at:

21st European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (EMPC) & Exhibition 2017
10th – 13th September 2017 | Main Hall of Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland


This year for the first time the leading EMPC 2017 takes place in eastern part of Europe in the capital of Poland. EMPC brings together the entire microelectronics supply chain, technical and marketing professionals from around the world. ‘Embedding technologies for heterogeneous integration of components in PCBs - an innovative modularisation approach with environmental impact’ – will be demonstrated in an oral session on  
Tuesday, 12th September, 17:10 pm – 17:30 pm.
Besides, the industrial exhibition showcases the latest products and service applications of value to the electronics community.

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sustainablySMART at:
8th LCM Conference 2017 in Luxembourg
3rd – 6th September 2017 | European Convention Center, Luxembourg City

This year the International Conference on Life Cycle Management has been organized under the following theme: Designing sustainable technologies, products and policies: from science to innovation. Don’t miss the poster presentation about Modular Smartphones: Design Strategies Driven by Life Cycle Assessment Evidence!

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sustainablySMART presented:

5th Electronics Goes Green 2016+

7th – 9th September 2016, Cube Seminaris Campus Hotel, Berlin, Germany


The EGG conference is the most important event worldwide on microelectronics and environmental aspects providing experts from science, industry and politics with a forum to discuss the latest technologies and current political trends with regard to microelectronics and its impact on the environment. ‘Inventing Shades of Green’ was the guiding issue during the three days in Berlin. The Green Electronics Council Catalyst Award 2016 was taken place at the iconic Wasserwerk and the winners were PuzzlePhone (represented by Alejandro Santacreu and Tapani Jokinen) and AMD (represented by Tim Mohin). Congratulations!

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